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2009  - Start testing at the Department of Oncology, Hospital of Rho (Milan) a  first apparatus for electromagnetic diagnostics on the market.

2010  - Despite the validity of the idea of using the eletromagnetic  interactions with tumor tissues for diagnostic purposes , the first  results were unsatisfactory for routine use, mainly for the presence of  interference, the lack of repeatability of the examination and a  experimental setup is not well defined.

2011  - The idea is mature, and a group of friends decides to incorporate  MEDIELMA, investing and also hiring a group of engineers and technical  consultants.
Begins  work in the offices of the "newborn" MEDIELMA, come to the realization  of a first prototype that will resume the trial with numerous  technological improvements. In the same year filed for a patent at the  EPO and PCT.

2012 - ESO-MED 4G is born, the first device dedicated to electro electromagnetic diagnostics, and certified by IMQ and Cermet.

2013  - Medielma improves device performance by introducing new technological  solutions that lead to a control of all the parameters of the  examination, to a greater repeatability of the diagnostic procedure and a  simplification of use for the physician.ESO-Med 8G is introduced.

2014  - At the end of 2014, Medielma start the project of another generation  of products still dedicated to electromagnetic diagnosis of tumors.

2015 - In October 2015, Medielma introduce the first model of a new family of tumor detection system called ESO-Prost 9.

2016 - Medielma introduce a new automatic cancer detection system, part of ESO-MED 9 family called ESO-Prost 9.

Medielma srl @ 2017  -  Via Ippolito Nievo 28/1, 20145 Milano (Italy)  -  VAT: 07302120964  -  CSV: 117.000 €  -  Phone: +39 02 45498312  -  Mail:
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